CEO and Founder

Christina Duren founded the Beautiful Brown Girls Brunch Club in March of 2010. Over the last 12 years, Beautiful Brown Girls™ has blossomed into so much more than a brunch club. It is a community made up of 39 chapters. Each one is a sister circle.

Christina believes that in order to build a strong nation, that’s what we need – sister circles and other strong communities.

Beautiful Brown Girls is proof of what can happen when you find your people. Not only can you bond over a delicious meal, but you can also become an agent for change in your community.


Brand Pillars


Sisterhood is the word that holds
all the other brand pillars together.
This is our foundation for everything
we do and create for our members.


Loyalty is trust. We believe in Black women
showing up in our community and feeling safe to be their truest selves. In BBG, people can share and tell stories knowing that it will not become tomorrow’s gossip. The safe haven is what drives loyalty.


Real convos happen all the time at BBG.
You can be yourself and you can open up.


It’s what fosters the theme of “If you can do it, so can I”. Someone always willing to give of themselves and their knowledge and are also willing to learn in return.

The Teams

Arnedra Jordan


Arnedra is our Community Lead Organizer. As the team lead, Arnedra oversees our local community organizer operations, serves as the link between our administration team and community organizers, and works collaboratively with the Founder to ensure our members have an amazing experience. As the Community Organizer for the Beautiful Brown Girls Los Angeles chapter, Arnedra has created a curated space for Black women to thrive in her community since 2011. Arnedra is a dedicated educator who is an adjunct professor of Political Science at West Los Angeles College. Arnedra is also continuing her own education and is currently pursuing a PhD in Public Policy with an emphasis in Foreign Policy.


Kimberland Jackson


Kimberland Jackson is one our Beautiful Brown Girls TV host. As the host of BrownVersations and Brown Girl Boss, her goal is to empower our community to break generational cycles of trauma and engage in reflective practices to access our best version of ourselves Through her work, she is able to destigmatize conversations around mental health and race while encouraging others to use their voices boldly, speaking truth to power. Kimberland holds a Bachelor’s in Biology from Fisk University, a Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Curriculum Implementation from Argosy University and she is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority Inc. Kimberland has been a Beautiful Brown Girls Member since 2016.


Sabrina Jackson


Sabrina (Sab Jackson) …a fun, funny lady who likes a good wine joke. Sab is a B2B strategic marketing professional with a healthcare staffing organization — helping our healthcare heroes land in fulfilling roles. Sab is a Podcast Host for (Bet on a Black Woman), a wine enthusiast through-n-through with a love for the fermented grape, and an Amway Independent Business Owner @! Sab has been with the Beautiful Brown Girl Community since 2014.

Ayesha Clisset


Ayesha is one of our virtual meetup hosts. As a virtual host she inspires healthier lives by helping Beautiful Brown Girl members unplug, relax, and build more meaningful community. Ayesha received her Bachelors of Arts in Theater/Performance and Bachelors of Arts in Elementary Education, grades 1-6 from Florida State University and is Gifted and ESOL endorsed, grades K-12. As a Gifted Education Instructor, her love for community shines! She not only teaches her 2nd and 3rd graders academics but helps them to better understand how their gifted characteristics set them apart from their age level peers. Ayesha has been a Beautiful Brown Girls member since 2020.

Denawa Deniece


Denawa is a full spectrum Doula and Holistic Wellness Practitioner specializing in herbalism, yoga, meditation and mindfulness. She is passionate about helping women along their reproductive and wellness journeys. Throughout her career she has supported dozens of women in various capacities by providing them with education and the tools needed to help regulate their nervous systems all while empowering them to trust their innate strengths as women.
Her favorite quote: When you take care of yourself, you’re a better person for others. When you feel good about yourself, you treat others better. -Solange

Kennita Hickman


Kennita Hickman is an urban cultural micro-influencer, writer, content producer,and executive producer. Her 23-year career has spanned writing, public relations, voiceover talent, event production and artist management. Artists managed include The Cranberry Show, Tapebenders, and B ALXNDR. Prior to her work at Catera, she wrote for various music publications including Urbanology, Relevant, and The Source. She served as a board member for Above the Clouds, faith-based art and youth organization. She also served as Vice President for Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) and committee member at Repairers of the Breach. 


Kathrine Morris

Kathrine serves as the community manager for the Beautiful Brown Girls social network member’s app. Kathrine comes to BBG as a program manager for an affordable housing organization with a background in community development, communications, and a passion for people and community building. If you’re looking to connect with Kat, she loves music, writing photography, fitness, and coffee. Kat is also a content creator and host of The Kat Curiosity Missed Podcast. Kat has been a member of Beautiful Brown Girls since 2021.