There is currently a great deal of push in the media towards self-care, health, and wellness, but what does that really mean? Maybe it could mean going and getting your hair and nails done, or a hot bubble bath and a glass of wine, or hitting the gym with your very best hip hop mix blasting in your ears. While all of these are excellent expressions of self-care, many people do not know the difference between health and wellness. While they are interdependent upon one another, they do

Health is basically an overall snapshot of your physical and mental health or the absence of disease. This is a rather dry definition, so let’s dig in a bit. Your health is your get up and go, ability to ebb and flow, how well you focus and comprehend, and your ability to get the job done! It’s essentially the building blocks of what makes you the best possible version of yourself. When there is a disruption in the rhythm of your best self, whether physically or psychologically, your health begins to suffer. It is very precious, and at times it can be quite fragile; particularly when you are stressed out.

Wellness is the state of optimal mental and physical health. Optimal. . . Paramount. . . Zenith (like those S.A.T. words?) of your best self. In order to reach this altitude, one must take responsibility for their health AND be an ACTIVE participant in it.

Marinate on that for a sec. . .

Health and wellness responsibilities are subjects we often don’t give the respect it deserves. It is easy to say what you will or wanna do, but when it comes to down to it, most people are all talk. We will go work out, but have wings and margaritas with the girls later on. Or we will preach about self-care, but we will stay in toxic relationships that psychologically tear us to shreds, then go tell our other friend how they need to leave their cheating man!

Sound familiar?

The bottom line is, we must all be very careful what we allow to come into our bodies and who we surround ourselves with. Protection of our emotional, physical, and spiritual health is essential to our health. Wellness is the pinnacle of our healthy functioning, so embrace the responsibility of taking care of yourself. If you won’t, who will?

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