For nearly 7 years, I was an only child. As a result, my mom and I were extremely close. However, I longed for a sibling. I would pray for one, ask for one, and even wish for one on birthday candles! Then, my mom told me she was pregnant…with twin boys! Now I was outnumbered! But before I could even pray for what I wanted, my mom was pregnant again with no idea of the baby’s gender. I remember getting picked up from my 3rd grade classroom praying that this baby was a girl. After what felt like an eternity, my baby sister was finally born and I couldn’t have been any happier!

Whether you are male or female, sisters can be both a headache and a powerful blessing. Big sisters are bossy as hell, but most of the time, they’re right. Middle sisters can be mischievous, which also makes them fun. And baby sisters are spoiled brats who will adore you no matter what! (Yes CoCo, I’m talking VERY specifically about you!)

sister, sister

In a world where women are taught to compete with one another, to hate on one another, to talk about one another, to distance themselves from one another, it’s hard to cherish sisterhood. In a land where women snatch out one another’s weaves and toss drinks in each other’s faces, we can sometimes let petty thoughts, words, and behaviors get in the way of humility, respect, and even forgiveness. But sisterhood is an honorable relationship that oftentimes helps to make everything right with the world.

Although my mom only birthed one sister for me, over time I’ve been blessed with many more. I have line sisters, sorority sisters, close friends who serve as both big sisters and little sisters, a cousin who swears she’s our sister, two sisters-in-law, and a host of other women with whom I share a love that is nothing less than sisterly. To have a sister is to have a loyal companion. Someone who will be there for you when the chips are down; who will call you on your mess; who will give you a pass when you are out of pocket or check you when necessary. Sisters are the ones we fight with the most and love the hardest. A sister can offer the best advice, a listening ear, or even a rider when things get hot! Sisters are so important, that in the Word it states one who hates a sister is a murderer!

When Rebekah left her homeland to go be married to Isaac, her family sent her off with nothing less than good wishes. They bid their ado with hopes of increase and protection for her and her offspring against her enemies. That is my wish for all my sisters reading this. That you receive all that you ask God for and more. That your haters become your congratulators. That the windows of heaven open up and rain down new blessings and new mercies with each passing day. No matter how many of y’all work a nerve, no matter how annoying I can be, no matter what trials come our way…Be Blessed XOXO

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