Los Angeles November Brunch – BBG Gives Back


Beautiful Brown Girls Give Back
A Brunch of Giving
This month our brunch club will host its inaugural Thanksgiving brunch at Precious Lamb Preschool. A little background on this preschool, they only service homeless children and they run the entire school through donations. They receive no government money because they are a faith based preschool. Children from the ages of 2-5 can attend the school for free, while their moms look for jobs, go to appointments etc.
This is a safe place for the children while their moms run errands etc. We are so excited to share the preschool with all of you.

When: Sunday, November 18, 2017 at 10am

Cost: $40 (donation) *Your donation will pay for your brunch and one of the mom’s from the preschool’s brunch meal.

Additional Details: You can look forward to a yummy soul food brunch and we’ll be presenting each mom with gifts.

*Any cancellations 24- 48 hours prior to event day are non-refundable