Beautiful Brown Girls™ approaches its final 30 days of its iFundWomen campaign as it aims to raise 60K.


The Beautiful Brown Girls iFundWomen crowdfunding campaign is down to its last 30 days. Launching, October 4, 2021, the campaign has raised almost 3K out of the ambitious 60k target. Beautiful Brown Girls continue to seek individuals and companies with the passion to promote sisterhood amongst women of color to contribute to the campaign.

The crowdfunding campaign aims to raise funds needed for the development of its own branded iOS mobile app that is geared to bring women of color together as well as to keep their service offerings affordable.  As we approach the end of the year, the need to find compassionate donors is important. 

Founded in 2010 originally as a monthly brunch event by Christina Duren the Beautiful Brown Girls™ has blossomed into so much more than a brunch club. It is a community made up of 34 chapters and a virtual community of over 55,000 members. Meeting the goal of $60,000 will help to grow this organization significantly and to continue to have the positive impact on the community of women of color. 

“Since the launch of the Beautiful Brown Girls™ in March of 2010, we have reached over 100,000 women of color through one-on-one virtual outreach, small group engagement, community events, and last but not least brunch events” says Duren, founder of Beautiful Brown Girls. “This crowdfunding campaign will help us provide a wider access to our services through our branded mobile application.”

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