So your looking to get fit, but you hate the gym. Or you just don’t have the time to commit to the gym. For whatever reason the gym is not your cup of tea. Well don’t fret my dear, there are a myriad of alternatives for the Anti Gym Rat.

1. Scenic Workout. If you are currently in an area where the climate allows you to work out in the elements, then by all means take advantage of it. I am sort of a gym rat (I love me some zumba!) however when the weather permits I make sure to get in a hike or two at some of my favorite hiking sites. I have noticed that I burn more calories and unknowingly work out even harder. I am so engulfed by the scenery and the delicious fresh air that I tend to forget that I just hiked to the highest peak of the Verdugo mountains. Hiking is a great way to get your body (especially your booty) in shape without the monotony that sometimes comes with being a part of a gym. If you begin to hike and you soon become bored with your routine, or if your body acclimates to your hiking routine then switch it up. Add light hand weights to your routine to challenge you and increase your endurance. Try intervals. Speed walk for the first 5 minutes then slow your pace to a leisurely stroll and then sprint to the finish line. Also switch up your trails and bring a friend if you can. Not only is it helpful to have a hiking buddy to keep your mind off of the exercise but its also safer. If you are hiking alone go at a reasonable hour when there is sensible traffic. You should NEVER be alone on a hiking trail. NEVER. Keep your cell phone handy, along with a water bottle(32oz). Also a snack is also a wise choice. You may need a jolt of energy depending on how intense your hike may be and your healthy snack is just the jolt that you may need to get you to the finish line. Also if you plan to listen to music while hiking, please either keep your volume low or just place one headphone in your ear. You have to be alert and aware of your surrounding at all times.


2. Techno Workout. No I am not talking about the European dance  music scene. I’m talking about technology. So please put away your glow sticks. There are tons of fun and informative workout DVDs. You can find them online, at your local video rental store, a convenience store etc. Or to save money you can check out YouTube and find a few work out routines posted by novice personal trainers or experts. I personally subscribe to a few fitness channels through my free Hulu subscription. So on the days when I cannot make it to the gym or to my favorite hiking trail. I just go to Hulu.com log in to my free account and check out one of my fitness subscriptions and perform the workout of my choosing. Also for the adventurous who are so blessed to own a Wii (I’m so jealous), you can workout to various Zumba and dance challenge routines that are made specifically for Wii. I have personally enjoyed Wiis Zumba Fitness($20.00 at big boxclearancestore.com) and Michael Jackson the Experience for Wii(34.36 at amazon.com) at a friends game night. They both were absolutely amazing! I burned a few hundred calories and had a blast doing it. Wii has a few other fitness games and dance challenges. And you can choose from some that are dance based or general fitness. Check out My Fitness Coach: Workout and Nutrition Wii Game and let me know what yah think. I plan on joining the Wii clan soon and I need a few suggestions on what games to buy. Zumba Fitness and Michael Jackson the Experience are definitely in my cue? For those of you who do have a Wii any suggestions on what I should add to my Wii library?

3. Simple at Home Workout. Scenic and techno workouts do not quite work for you. You have little interest for it or little time. So here is my suggestion for a simple at home workout. Before you begin stretch for about 5 min or more if you can. Perform a simple cardio routine with intervals=A series of predetermined distances covered at regular time increments with intermittent periods of rest in an athletic workout (Websters Online Dictionary).

For example: run in place for 15 minutes, dance or jump around to a catchy tune whatever it is just make sure your feeling the burn. Next, perform a strength training routine of your liking. After, do a set of  push ups and squats. No equipment is needed here just your body weight. The basics of keeping it simple relies on 2 main areas to focus in on when creating a simple workout specifically for you. Those areas are cardio and strength training. Make sure you are getting at least 15 minutes of intense cardio into your workout and make sure you are performing your cardio in intervals to maximize your fitness results. Also please make sure you are adding in 15 minutes of strength training to go along with your cardio. You have to tighten up that body as you lose weight so as not to have slabs of skin hanging out of places. We’ve all seen the newly slender friend with globs of skin bulging out from under her arm pits in her glitter body con dress. That’s because she probably focused more on cardio and not the strength training that her body needed to tighten up her skin as she gradually lost the weight. So get to pumping ladies. Push ups, squats, Pilates, crunches. Whatever works for you, just make sure your strength training.

Try out a few of these ideas and let me know how it goes. Maybe you have been on the fitness makeover journey for a while now and you have some cool tips you would like to share please comment!