Growing out ethnically beautiful locks actually requires more time and care than relaxed hairstyles. Some people will easily spend four hours a day on hair alone. This comes as a shocking surprise for girls making the switch, hoping to spend less time on hair care. Luckily, there are some ways to set it and forget it for the day, without overusing product that only breaks the hair over time.

curly hair careBegin With Proper Curly Hair Care

The care of curly hair is different than any other hair type. Remember to comb the hair from the bottom to the top, avoiding those painful knots that are all too familiar. Trim split ends away every month and a half, as these will make the hair look frizzy. There’s already enough frizz to the curly hairstyle, so make sure to keep those ends neat. Protect the ends with a conditioning treatment. Concoct a product cocktail that works well for hair type, including products such as coconut oil added to styling gel to provide hold without dryness. Try to avoid daily heat use, as this will create brittle hair strands. Make sure to use a diffuser, however, as this helps puff up curls for a fuller look.

Learn Some Basic Braids

Basic braids are a lifesaver on a busy morning. A poofy braid takes only a few minutes and works well for people who keep the hair stretched. It packs the hair away neatly to create a neat look. Simply part the hair to one side at the eyebrow’s arch, then smooth the edges with water and oil. Detangle the middle and ends for a smooth braid. Sweep the hair to the side then braid starting at the scalp. Move the braid under the hair then secure with a bobby pin. If braiding gets too hard, opt for a simpler braiding strategy that works for even those who cannot braid hair. Split the hair down the center from crown to nape. Create sections from each part then twist from the part. Secure each part with a bobby pin. After each section is twisted, join the two sections together, tuck and secure at the nape of the neck.

Quick Updo’scurly hair updo

Hold the hair back with some quick, easy updos that make it look like hours were spent in front of the mirror. The messy bun is a popular hairstyle that doubles as a restraint on, particularly difficult hair days. Begin with a side part, then scoop the hair to the top of the head, securing it with a hair tie. Use fingers to detangle, poof, or arrange the hair. Alternatively, try a bobby pin twist to get out the door in a hurry. Part the hair at the side, then section the halves in half. There will be upper halves on left and right, and lower halves on left and right. Loosely twist that top right section to the part. Secure then repeat on the left. Twist the bottom right hair section up to meet the top right section. Repeat on the left. Secure the area that meets in the middle with bobby pins. A final curly hair quick updo is the silk scarf. Simply tie the hair around a scarf, or attach the scarf to hair that has been pulled into any of the mentioned styles.

Leave It Down

There are days when hair just wants to hang out. This is when it’s time to turn to simple, stylish designs. Try an afro design, which only requires some moisture and a brush. Section the hair, spraying it with a water and oil mix. Puff out the hair gently. Add a thin head wrap if desired, and the hair is ready to go. Alternatively, use the wet look for a fast way to get out of the house, though this style causes some significant shrinkage. Soak the hair then apply leave-in conditioner. Comb from the bottom up to remove tangles, and the hair is set.

Creating amazing ethnic hairstyles with little time is easier than most people believe. There are days devoted to hair care, then there are days when there is simply no time to bother. Use these tips and hacks to create a wonderful look without ruining the hair.

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