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Welcome to the Beautiful Brown Girls Brunch Club!

BBGBC was created with a unified mission to create unique and memorable experiences for women of color to foster A World that Runs on Love


Beautiful Brown Girls can look forward to enjoying a best-in-class social event that gives you the opportunity to socialize, and network in a relaxed environment to create long lasting friendships, and build your sister circle!

Join our Beautiful Brown Girls online community to develop authentic connections with women locally and globally!



The thing I like about this group most is, it’s very informative and I’m powering. I am very shy and this group allows me to be me and still get the answers to the question I have. It’s full of mentors and eager like minded females who are will to tell their stories and how they have progressed to a place where you may want to be. And I love the brunches and meet ups.

Cere Wilson

Great way to connect with other women and build a sense of community.

Lauren Wint

I really like the girls brunch, I get a chance to meet some fabulous women from all walks of like.

Let Applewhite

Beautiful Brown Girls is an outstanding group of women who meet regularly to discuss topics that affect women of color and those that they care for. From self care to lifestyle to politics to faith – based issues…we talk about it all!!! Join us bi-weekly at 8pm EST to be encouraged, entertained, and informed. Say hello to let us know you’ve joined in!!! #BeautifulBrownGirls

Lakesha Todd

Very positive and fun group of ladies!

Kiki Siggers

They empower and its time we all explored our power. we are not helpless.

Krys Pryor-Certion

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