March is Women’s History Month, and we get to kick off it off by celebrating International Women’s Day on the 8th! On this day every year, people around the world are reminded of the strong, dedicated female figures throughout history who have made significant achievements towards women’s equality. You might be thinking to yourself: how can I celebrate International Women’s Day? There are many ways to show your support for your fellow women on this day, and every day of the year. Here are just five ways you can recognize the inspirational women in your life in honor of International Women’s Day. 

  1. Advocate for Your Beliefs

What change do you hope to see in the world? What campaigns and initiatives do you stand behind? Instead of sitting back and dreaming of a day where women are granted equality, try joining a rally or a march in solidarity with those who share similar beliefs. Standing up for what you believe in is an important step toward creating change. 

  1. Support Women-Owned Businesses

Did you know that only 5% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women? While there’s still progress to be made for women in business, it’s important to celebrate the ladies who have made a name for themselves by supporting the companies they worked so hard to establish. Female entrepreneurs like Michelle Lam, founder and CEO of online bra retailer True&Co., are advocates for women representing their true selves. Michelle does this by creating bras that help women feel confident in their own skin. She states , “…every woman has the right to express her individuality and the truth of who she is to the world.” Other inspiring women to highlight this month include Tracy Reese (fashion designer), Pat McGrath (influential make-up artist), and Myleik Teele (founder and CEO of curlBOX). 

  1. Donate to a Local Women’s Shelter

Additionally, it’s important to recognize the women in your community who might need a little extra help. Throughout the month of March, make an effort to donate food, clothing, money, or even your time to your local women’s shelter. Not only will you be able to help and connect with the women who are struggling within your own community, you’ll be reminded of the hardships that many women face each and every day. 

  1. Do Something Kind for the Women in Your Life

International Women’s Day doesn’t have to be the only day where you show support for the women in your life, but it can be a great start! Demonstrate how much you love the ladies in your circle by doing something nice for them. This could be as simple as taking your mother out to lunch, or as big as throwing a party for all of your closest friends. Showing your gratitude for the women around you helps to strengthen your relationships and only empowers you to spread love throughout the world. 

  1. Educate Yourself on the Issues 

One of the best ways to celebrate International Women’s Day is to understand why we advocate for women’s rights. Whether you’re reading an article about the women’s movement online or are fully immersed in feminist literature, continuing to learn more about the issues that women face will only enhance your knowledge so you can grow and develop as a woman. It’s also important to stay up to date on topics centering around women in the media, politics, and in global news so you can further the discussion and develop your own perspective on these issues. 

This International Women’s Day, take the time to recognize all of the accomplishments that women have made throughout history and be grateful that you’re able to live the life you do! However you plant to celebrate women – whether you’re joining a march or spending time with your family – don’t forget to show yourself some love, too! 

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