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Nail It with INNI Digital Art + GIVEAWAY

Is it time to give your nails a new look? Maybe you’re tired of acrylics and gels. Or, perhaps you’re a natural nail girl who wants something new! Enter: the digital nail art collection from INNI ($9.90/set), now available in…


Beauty Review: Miracle Skin Transformer + Giveaway

Cold weather months can really put the spotlight on those not-so-cute parts of your skin that the sun hasn’t touched in awhile, especially if that skin happens to be on your face. If you’ve got dark spots that look that…

Probelle product2

Get Fall-Ready Nails with Probelle + GIVEAWAY

The weather change from summer to fall can take a toll on skin, hair and nails. Less humidity in the air and cooler weather always cause changes in my look, whether it’s cracked skin or janky (an official beauty term)…


Beauty Giveaway: Fight Aging & Acne with illuMask

I am always game to try something new when it comes to beauty. A new cream, a bronzer or unique hair product always finds its way to my bathroom counter. But, I didn’t quite know what to do when I…


Restoring Moisture & Shine with Teadora + GIVEAWAY

Summer is winding down and if you’re like me, then you’re taking full advantage of the last hurrah at the pool and playing in the sunshine before the Polar Vortex returns. All that heat, sun, salt and chlorine can do…


Rootstix: A Quick & Easy Way to Hide Gray Hair

Let’s talk about something you may be in denial about. Something you may be tucking under your headwrap or your weave in an attempt to just forget about it. That something is GRAY HAIR! We all probably have a few….


Mix & Match Your Wardrobe

Style can be as effortless as you make it as long as you start with one key piece. Whether it be a piece of jewelry, a basic pair of pants or basic pencil skirt.  Always start with an item that…


Summer Style Trend: Wedding Attire

It’s that time of the year when your mailbox is flooded with wedding invites. The Spring/Summer is the most popular times of the year for most weddings. Have you ever had to ask yourself what is appropriate attire for a wedding? Or…