Beautiful Brown Boys: Tahj Mowry


You may remember Tahj Mowry as the bright eyed star of the hit WB sitcom Smart Guy, or as the younger sibling of Tia and Tamera. Today the bright eyed smart guy is all grown up, I’m talking facial hair and muscles….yes the Smart Guy is stacked! The multi-talented star spoke to and gave us the inside scoop on his life….after Smart Guy.

Film Premiere of 'Iron Man 3'

BBG: What have you been up to?

Tahj: “I’m working on an ABC Family show called Baby Daddy. We just got picked up for at third season before the second season even aired so thats great! The second season airs May 29th on ABC family. I’ve been pretty busy with that but it’s going pretty well.”

BBG: Do you have any hidden talents that we may not know about?

Tahj: “I sing, so hopefully when the time permits I will be able to get in the studio and create some tracks. I have done a few YouTube covers, but I haven’t done any in a while, but the stuff I did before is up on YouTube for you to check out. Hopefully I will able to do an album in the future but I am just focusing on the show right now.”


BBG: So your a fairly new uncle, how’s it going?

Tahj: “I love being an uncle! I’m a two time uncle now. It’s really great. I spend all my money on kids clothes now. But it’s still pretty great. It’s also great birth control. I realized that I am  not ready to have a child right now. I will most certainly wait!”


 BBG: Will you make an appearance on your sister’s show Tia & Tamera on the Style Network?

Tahj: “I don’t think that I will ever appear on my sisters show. Reality T.V creeps me out! There’s just something about eating a salad with a camera in your face that is not really appealing to me. I’m also really busy with work so it’s kind of hard to meetup at the times that they are filming. But I see my sisters all the time. I want my family time to be personal, and not for the world. I’m also not a Reality T.V guy. But you never know.”


BBG: Any words of wisdom for our BBG readers?

Tahj: “Be who you are, and stay true to yourself. Know that you were made in God’s image and that you are a beautiful creature.”

Check out Tahj Mowry on this season of ABC Family’s Baby Daddy and on the May cover of Kontrol magazine.


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