Mahogany Remake Happening?

According to Shadow & Act, a remake of the classic movie Mahogany may be happening sooner than you think! Producer Suzanne de Passe (The Jacksons: An American Dream, Lonesome Dove, The Temptations) has acquired the rights to the Diana Ross, Billy Dee Williams classic Mahogany.

de Passe, who once worked for Motown, purchased the film right from founder Berry Gordy and apparently has plans to remake the story with a modern 21st century twist.

The production team is said to be in the process of seeking a writer, director, as well as potential leads who can recreate the chemistry between Diana and Billy Dee.

The press release announcing the remake included:

“We are excited to bring a remake of this classic film to a whole new audience and are grateful to Mr. Gordy for his trust” said Madison Jones. “There are so few female driven stories for African American actors and this is great material, with issues that are as relevant today as they were in the 70’s”, said Suzanne de Passe. “The heart of Mahogany is a story about making your dreams come true, and that is as relevant and urgent today as ever.

With the success of the just released remake ‘Sparkle’, how do you see Mahogany being embraced by African-American movie goers?

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