Natural Hair Care Product Must Have: Lusti Olive Oil Hair Dress

The month of June has been a whirlwind for me. I have been in and out of planes, packing and unpacking, shoved into a car and transported from one event to the next. I am pooped. I cannot wait to get back to my pink glittery room. I have had a ball celebrating with  family and friends, and being blessed with the opportunity to witness my little sister graduate from my Alma Mater was truly worth it all. However I am packed and “red to go!” Philly has been amazing, but I am missing LA LA land, and so is my hair. My gorgeous soft fro has become brittle, and defensive. I had not time to pack my hair products in containers that are permissible when flying, so my poor Zulu locks are paying for my poor time management.

I come from a family that is permed, pressed, and proud! They do not understand the fro, but have come to appreciate it. I have been natural for over 6 years and still have been unsuccessful in getting them to quit the creamy crack. Staying with my mother while in Philly has been a dilemma…hair wise. A majority of her products cater to processed hair. However when roaming through her plethora of hair care products I noticed a green container labeled Lusti Organics Olive Oil Hair Dress for Damaged Hair and I decided to give it a try.

Lusti Organics Olive Oil Hair Dress for Damaged  Hair is amazing! While looking for a product to control my fly aways, I came across this container of magic. I put just about a teaspoon worth of this product onto the section of hair that I was trying to tame and I was completely surprised. My hair instantly became shiny, manageable, and uber soft. I was not expecting that outcome, especially due to Lusti’s very affordable price of $1.00. Lusti Organics Olive Oil Hair Dress for Damaged Hair, is a great product for all you natural divas out there and processed divas as well. This product retails for about $7.00 online but you can find it in your local Dollar Store for just that, a dollar. I recommend this hair care product for managing and protecting your hair as well as styling.

I will be boarding a plane soon to the West Coast, but before I depart I will have to take a final journey through my mother’s hair care product bin. She has proven to me in more way than one that Mother really knows best!






  1. Melanie Stroman

    I love this for my hair. My hair is so much more managable because I use this product.I am not yet natural but it’s great for permed hair. I apply Lusti Organics to my hair and put a scarf on it at night and it looks like I went to the salon….I love my beautifl hair

  2. LaKeisha Reed

    I found this product at my local Dollar Store and I just can’t say enough about this product. For months I have been searching for a product for all natural hair and I must say this one is a keeper. Not only does this product leaves my hair so remarkable smooth and silky but for an affordable price I can’t beat. For anyone trying to find an affordable solution for natural hair, please check out the Lusti Organic products. This is a product I use night and day to keep my hair from dryness and to keep the natural silky and smooth look.

  3. Karen Jeneen Hilliard

    I found the Olive Oil Organics and the Argan Oil Naturals to be a God-send!! The Argan Oil Leave-In Conditioner leaves my hair very moisturized and gives it a good slip. I’m so glad that I don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars just for my hair to look good. I especially like the Argan Oil Curl Wave and Twist gel and the Olive Oil Styling gel works well too. Neither of them flake or make your hair hard or crusty. Both lines work well together without a lot of product buildup, or clumping in your hair. I love the Dollar Tree for carrying this brand!!!

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