OMG….Beyonce is Finally Pregnant….What’s the ‘T’!

Hi my loves. Thank goodness for a long weekend, cause it was shole needed. And I am enjoying this Labor Day weekend.  Aight, let’s get to it.

BEYONCE-AT-VMABeyonce’s Surprise at MTV VMA Awards

So, of course you all seen the VMA’s last week and Beyonce is expecting.  I actually knew something was up when she walked out on stage with that semi-conservative outfit.   I said “hmmmm”, no hoochie outfit today Beyonce?  You’re on to something.

I really love the song “Love on Top”.  Love, love, love it!  Now, I will say this… I don’t think Jay-Z is the cutest thing in the world, so I hope that baby has the majority of Beyonce’s genes. (lol)  I mean he looked 40 when he was 20… Lol. I’m just saying.  Ha, I’m being funny, but hey, to each his own right? Rather they have a girl or boy, the baby is pretty much set for life.  We all know that much. Can you imagine being fed with a diamond spoon?

BEYONCE-VMALol… I’m happy for Beyonce. Now that Beyonce is pregnant, all these other singer’s better pretty much step they game up and get these albums out quick, because when Beyonce steps back onto the scene it’s a wrap.  Yall know Beyonce works non-stop, all day, every day, 365 days, Lol.   She claims to have taken a year off. Please, she was working on her latest album here and there, she ain’t fooling nobody. Ciara, Brandy, Monica, Keri Hilson, Letoya Luckett, ya better take your chances now while Beyonce is pregnant cause if not she is going to steal your little 24 seconds of fame lol.

Personally, I do want Beyonce to sit her behind down somewhere for awhile.  It has nothing to do with hating, it’s just like sista take a break a nice break and come back and let us have it. So there it is, she is going to be huge and I can’t wait to see her look like a big mama. Yup, Beyonce & Jay-Z congratulations!

I can’t wait to hear your comments to the post. Have a great week, and look out for next week’s T.

Hugs & Kisses,

Signing Out,

Ty With The T


  1. Marie

    As I recently put on my facebook, when I die, I want to come back as Jay Z’s and Beyonce’s baby lol. Talk about rolling in money! (Now I know money doesn’t solve all problems, blah blah but it cant hurt)

    I still would love at peek at few pages of their pre-nup too.

    I’m happy for them!

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